Energy Booster Exercise


This amazing meditation gives you access to your natural ability to rejuvenate. It’s a short, 9 minute technique, designed to help you stay awake longer when you need it, change your mood to a better one, and will help you achieve goals faster.

This exercise will allow you to access your body’s natural energy, but it is also important to back it up…

Having a nutritious breakfast every morning will give you more energy and cause less anxiety throughout your day. Eating every 3-4 hours is better for you, to increase your metabolism. Avoiding heavy meals is better for your health, and eating more fiber is also important.

Limiting your caffeine intake will help your sleep because having coffee in the after noon or evening could disrupt your sleep. Even switching from coffee to low-caffeine tea can impact your energy levels positively

Try to avoid energy drinks because sugary drinks are not good for your body or mind. They could give you headaches and an unpleasant feeling.

Avoiding alcohol before bed is recommended because when you drink before sleeping, you tend to wake up throughout the night and don’t get the rest your body needs.

It is also recommended to turn off the television at least an hour before you sleep. If you keep the TV on it could make it harder for you to fall asleep and have a restful night.


Stay awake longer, change your mood, and achieve your goals.


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