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Purposeful Living

Discover the one thing that defines you, makes life worth living and you special


Your life purpose is the central motivating force of your life. It is why you get up in the morning. Your life purpose is unique to you because you are unique. There is no other person in the world with exactly the same history, or personal, emotional or spiritual composition.

In this workshop you will learn to use your higher self and spiritual nudges to answer age old questions such as, who am I, where am I most effective and what makes me feel complete?

You will learn how to give greater purpose and meaning to your life by working on your overall well-being, enhancing your sense of self-worth, doing what you love and experiencing your connection to all else that exists.

What Is Included In This iWorkshop…

Part 1


In this module:

Discover the central motivating theme that defines your life. That aspect of you that has been perceptible from the beginning and is expressed in the steadfast way in which you engage your strengths, passions, values, talents and gifts to achieve your goals and be of service to others. Finally, you can encounter the kind of excitement, passion and success life has to offer by shining a light on your true purpose.

Part 2


In this module:

Universal laws have existed throughout eternity and have given order to all that exists in the Universe. When Universal laws address the spirit, they reveal a natural way of life and become guiding principles that we can use to give us inspiration, direction and optimism. The Law of Dharma or Life Purpose will provide the simple steps to a fulfilling way of life.


Meditation #1:

The Law of Dharma

Part 3


In this module:

Although Life Purpose is the theme that defines your life, it can be discovered and expressed in a variety of ways. Connecting with your life purpose will depend on the phase of life you may be in and/or the beliefs you have about Source Energy, destiny and free will. Connecting with your life purpose can guide the decisions you make, the actions you take and the goals you pursue. It will give you direction and add greater meaning to everything you do.

Part 4


To be fulfilled, happy, content and peaceful, it’s essential that you discover your passion and life purpose. Without a life purpose guiding you, your goals will seem superficial and your life will be void of true fulfillment. Your life purpose is not something you create or make up. It’s already a part of you. Like a block of marble in the hands of an artist, all you need to do is remove the unnecessary bits of marble to discover the masterpiece that already lies within you.


Meditation #2:

The Masterpiece

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Realize your full potential and live the life of your design with the original mind-empowerment methodology, The Silva Method.

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Michael Hassen

"Laura, this was perfect for me right now. The vision of myself healthy, overcoming my current health challenges... I know that I can conquer it. I will be using this meditation many times. Thank you so much!"

Alicia Cantu Whitaker

Your Instructor –
Laura Silva Quesada

Laura is the daughter of Jose Silva, founder of the Silva Method, a method teaching students specialized guided imagery techniques to rewire their subconscious with positive programming, tap into their true potential and achieve their goals. For decades, The Silva Method has been considered as the original and most imitated dynamic meditation program in the world.

Laura was born during the pinnacle of her father’s research on mind development and was one of his primary research subjects. This gave her extensive personal experience and insight into the creation and use of life-changing and intuitive techniques. Carrying on where her father left off, she continues to serve humanity through the products she creates. Today, as President of LSQ Productions, she is able to enforce a broader vision, expanding beyond traditional seminar training to Internet e-learning.

The Silva Method is at the heart of everything Laura produces. She has been training for over 40 years and learned, first-hand from her father, of the great power a disciplined mind can have. She invested over a decade to grow Silva international’s reach and strength and is credited as the brain power and creator behind several, hugely popular, online, Silva home study programs – Silva Life System, Silva Intuition System, Silva Mind Body Healing, and Silva Manifesting. The very programs that have kept Silva at the forefront of the personal growth industry.

Laura is a modern woman, raising a family, running a business, nurturing a beautiful marriage, and balancing her time to live a healthy lifestyle. She is a true testament to the Silva Method’s empowering techniques, and a fan favorite across generations.

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Purposeful Living iWorkshop:

  • 3-hour workshop full of practical information
  • Strategies to discover your life purpose
  • 2 Meditations with Laura Silva Quesada
  • iWorkshop Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)
  • iWorkshop Recording