Are you interested in taking the Silva Life System seminar?

The Silva Life System is the first part of the complete Silva Method Program. SLS is known as one of the most practical starting points in a journey towards personal development, mind empowerment, meditation and manifestation.

Topics covered include habit control, accelerated learning, intuition, healing and more. As a standalone solution, the tools, techniques and guided meditations in this program will already help you make multiple positive changes in your life-and they’ll also serve as your foundation for the subsequent advanced programs.

Use this program if…
You are a new Silva student searching for a holistic solution to awakening your mind’s full potential, and enriching every aspect of your life-from your career to your health to your relationships.

None. : )

SLS is a two-day seminar in which you get to experience the Silva teachings in person, being able to ask questions and truly live the full experience of this method.

We made a cheat sheet for you to get a better idea of what SLS is all about..

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