“Gene Activation Room” hypno-meditations (special)

$29.00 $21.00

This Hypno-meditation reinforces six actions that encourage positive thinking, a focus on resourceful beliefs, improved sleeping habits, healthy nutritional practices, freedom from emotional trauma and positive gene expression. The very things that will help you in deciding which version of you to become.


Hypno-meditations can last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. They take you to deep inner states and are designed to be done at night as you prepare to enter sleep. This will help your brain slow down to theta frequencies and your subconscious mind to be reprogramed with positivity. It is always recommended that all meditations be done in a safe environment and never while driving or operating heavy machinery. It is also recommended that you listen to the meditation with eyes open first before doing them with eyes closed. This will help insure that you are fully aware of its contents and there will be no surprises.


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