Planet Delta

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Delta sound ticks at  between 0-4 beats per second. It is used to help your brain frequency slow down towards a passive, deep and calm inner state associated with the theta frequency.  At this deep inner state old memories and experiences can be triggered as well as intuitive impressions and hypnagogic dreams.

1 ticks per second, experienced in delta,  helps the brain frequency go even deeper allowing for easy entry to a sleeping state.


This special sound is used in many Silva Mental Exercises. Play it while meditating with the Silva techniques or simply to drift off to sleep.

1 review for Planet Delta

  1. lele (verified owner)

    I paied for it,but I can’t download , and this company no one contect me .

    • Saralee Gomez

      Hi! Thanks for reaching out to us. We have emailed you a tested and working link to download your Silva Method Sound. Please confirm that you able to download your sound.

    • Saralee Gomez

      Hi LeLe,

      I got your email and am so glad you received your download and are now enjoying your Silva Method Sound. Please Let us know if you need any thing else.

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