In almost every seminar, people ask me, “Do you achieve all the goals you set?” And I reply, “No, I usually achieve more than that!

What about you? Are you setting goals and making plans for your future? Are you achieving your goals? What techniques are you applying to make your dreams and desires come true?

Many of us, at the beginning of a new year, tend to dream big and make wishes. Yet, how many of these wishes actually come true?

Before I go further and share with you my best practices…what helps me manifest my goals…I want to ask you a question.
Which of the statement below describes your status?

I achieve less than half of my goals.
No matter what I try, I don’t achieve any goals at all.
I stopped setting goals, because I can’t seem to reach them.

    Please pick one and share it with me in the comment area below!

    Im really looking forward to hearing from you, because when I do, I can set a goal to serve you better.

    Better and Better,

    Laura Silva Quesada
    and the Team