I have been teaching the Silva Method for nearly 45 years. I constantly attend trainings in the field of personal growth and apply the information I learn for my personal development whenever possible. On top of that, I communicate with thousands of seminar attendees as well as my subscribers.

As a result of these efforts, it became apparent to me that people make mistakes when it comes to manifesting their goals, often completely unconsciously. And, it is these errors that prevent them from achieving their greatest dreams.

What are these 6 mistakes of manifestation?

*** First – You think negative thoughts.
*** Second – You don’t know what you want.
*** Third – You set wrong goals.
*** Fourth – You live without awareness.
*** Fifth – You are ready to be disappointed in advance.
*** Sixth – You do not appreciate what you have.

Based on these mistakes, I created six important principles or rules, which will help you to manifest your goals. And here they are:

Rule 1 – Your thoughts are material

A common mistake many make is continuing to think negatively. The number 1 law of manifestation says…You manifest everything you think about.
The reality is…every one of your thought strives to be manifested. The one major deterrent that prevents instant manifestation is time. It may be why time exists. Just imagine, thinking of a pink elephant and instantly, it appears in your room! What a disaster! It could be that the universe created time as a buffer between your thoughts and the manifestation of those thoughts.

Your thoughts, to some extent or another, participate in the formation of your reality. And you need to constantly monitor your thoughts.

Rule 2 – Know what you want

Now, you know you create your reality with your thoughts. Yet, many people don’t even know what they really want out of life. We walk down the street, see someone in a great new car and think, “Oh, I really want that car.” But then, a few blocks later, you see another car and now want that one. You jump from one desire to another without asking yourself, “Why do I want what I want?” or “How will it improve my life?” People often dream of having a million dollars. If this is you, do you know, exactly, what you would do with this money? Do you realize that having a lot of money brings other kinds of challenges? Are you prepared to receive your outcome?

First things first. It’s advisable to sit down and write your goals down for the next month, quarter, six months and/or year and keep these goals close by where you can see them often. Start with baby steps towards reaching your goals and take steps towards achieving your goals every day! We will talk more about goal setting when we get to the next rule.

Rule 3 – Set goals correctly

We often think that we’re totally sure of what we want, but then, we set useless, unbalanced goals. Using the million dollar example, let’s say you plan to spend the desired money to go on a big vacation, buy a new car or buy a fancy piece of jewelry…and so, you dream and program for those things day in and day out. Yet, those may be the wrong goals for you or to use the million dollars on. Those goals are referred to as intermediate goals. And, what you really need to do is focus on ultimate goals.
Set goals correctly
Your ultimate goal may be the perfect, spacious, beautiful house for you and your family to live in and enjoy through time. And although, the intermediate goals are great to have, and the million dollars is a means to get them, you may be throwing your money away on trivial possessions. What is so cool is that you can reach all your intermediate goals in so many other ways. It’s possible that you’ll get them through an inheritance, or by receiving a big bonus check, or even as a gift! In other words, don’t ever limit the direction from where you will receive your outcomes.

So, how does one set the right, balanced, ultimate goals? In general, you need to constantly ask yourself, “Why do I want this goal? How will it make my life better? Who is going to benefit with me? and Will it endure the test of time?” The answers to these questions will help you be clearer about the quality of the goals to set. We often want things that don’t really matter all that much and waste a lot of time and energy doing so.

Think about what is really important to you and envision that as clearly as possible in your mind. This is the first and most important step. The Universe will get into action from there. It knows the short paths to your goal, which we don’t usually see. And when we are clear of the ultimate goals, we allow these invisible paths to lead us to them.

So, take action immediately. Write down your goals, ask right questions and then, imagine them coming to fruition.

Daily practices to maintain awareness

This mistake is done by most people on the planet…existence without awareness…living on autopilot…just floating though life unaware. Fortunately, there are many ways to bring awareness into your living experience, not only in the process of actualizing your goals, but also, throughout every moment of life. Daily practice adds awareness to your living experience.

What are these daily practices?

*** One of the practices I enjoy, as you know, is dynamic meditation. Do it daily…no excuse!

*** Another important practice for manifestation is creative visualization. You can do it sitting on a chair, during an afternoon rest, in your car waiting for the stop light to change colors, and also during a meditation. Creative visualization simply means that you image the desired future development for your life.

*** The next good practice is expression of intentions for the day. This is a very simple practice you can do upon awakening, during your morning meditation, in the shower, while having breakfast, or on your way to work. Simply state to yourself how you want your day to unfold. You can say, “My way to work will be very pleasant.” or “The meeting at 9 o’clock this morning will be very successful.” or “The dinner with John will be magnificent! I will finish the project just in time.” etc.

Set your intentions for the day, with the expectation that events develop as you desire. The Universe, from where all things come and responds to your thoughts beliefs, images and yes…your intentions wants only the best for you. I totally believe this to be true…I’ve experienced it…and it’s true for everyone. Even you!

Rule 5 – Expect your dreams to come true

Another common mistake is having preconceived disappointments. This is a constant readiness to the underlying idea or thought that your desires might not be fulfilled.

Expect your dreams to come true

The truth is, even though you may have a wonderful vision of the desired goal or outcome, this vision will never come true if you do not fully expect it. Expectation results in outcomes. Expectation is a belief that what you desire to manifest, will come about with total faith and confidence!

In fact, this is when having a “reservoir of faith” is most useful. This is the kind of faith and trust that helps you stand strong against any vulnerability, doubt or opposition. It is the kind of faith you can lean on when hopes are down and weakness sets in. This kind of faith requires an intense desire to achieve, an intense belief that you can and full and confident expectation that you will!

Rule 6 – Appreciate what you have

People don’t like to admit they lack appreciation for what they already have. Sadly, sometimes they even lose what they have when they forget to appreciate it.

What I want to share with you is wonderful daily practice I truly love and enjoy. It’s a daily expression of gratitude. Every morning, during my meditation, I always start with an expression of gratitude for what already exists in my life. And it helps me to nurture and cherish all the wonderful things I enjoy. Even better…it helps me to multiply all the goodness that I have already created in my life.

I really hope that this observation of the most common mistakes of and 6 rules of manifestation, will help you to achieve your goals faster and easier.

Better and Better,

Laura Silva Quesada
and the Team

P.S. Please share with me what you think may be your mistakes?

P.P.S And let me know if you are planing to apply any of the 6 rules your read in this article?